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My Story

Who I'm am really is about my values, how I think and how I live my life. These have been moulded by life experiences including marriage and divorce, having children and raising them both in a family unit and as a single mum, living through breast cancer, engaging in the very male dominated profession of surgery as a wife and mother and facing the obstacles that that has posed, being adventurous and finding creative outlet through entrepreneurial endeavours.

Behind all this is constant curiosity and searching for how things can be made better, driven by the need for contribution. This is one of the reasons I value courage. It takes courage to question the status quo, to advocate for change and to push through hardships. It also takes courage to know your values and be authentic to who you are, the good, the not so good, the beautiful and the downright ugly. Passion provides the energy to drive things forward, it bolsters courage and helps in finding ways to deliver the change. Passion is contagious, it generates inspiration. Inspiration helps other to seek to be their best and pursue what is important to them.

Life is often described as a journey, but the journey for everyone ends at the same place, with death. There is no point waiting till you get to the destination before you decide to appreciate what life is about. Gratitude everyday brings with it joy and enables the ability to have fun, to laugh. We don't get to choose the cards we are given in life, but we do get to choose how we play them. I have chosen to play mine full out with gratitude, joy and laughter.

The overarching purpose of my life is to be joyous, courageous and conscious, to share my knowledge and experience and to spread love and gratitude so that I can inspire others to enjoy their life fully, find their purpose and live their dreams. Fulfilling my purpose means having the courage to share my stories and ideas.

This website provides an overview with various links that can be followed to more information and other sources I've found to be of value. I hope you find something here to inspire you.


About Me

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