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Stop All Non-Urgent Elective Surgery

Non urgent elective surgery will diminish our staff and supplies needed for COVID19 surge Stop all of it, Public and Private, now.

Advancing women in medical leadership

Vol 211, Issue 4: 12 August 2019. Four leading medical women talk about mentoring women into more leadership roles in medicine. With MJA...

Parenting as a Working Mother

Parenting is a big challenge and one of the questions I’m often asked is how I managed being a mother and having a surgical career at the...

ABC Mornings : Whole genome profiling

Discussion with Jon Faine on ABC Radio Melbourne exploring raising awareness of some of the issues of whole genome profiling.

ABC Radio Nightlife: Life after cancer

Interview with Philip Clark on ABC Nightlife exploring why more attention needs to be paid to life after cancer with Dr Michael Jefford,...

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